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Xin hong health pharmaceutical hose advantages
Xin hong pipe made from silicone hose with biological pharmaceutical grade elastomer, meet the FDA food hygiene level grade certification, has excellent bending;Used in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing
During processing, filling and steam, air, liquid transmission shift when the design has the largest bending;Don't break any smell and taste;Do not contain any additives;Long service life, bending performance is good, antistatic, skin resistance, resistance to high pressure and negative pressure
、Using lightweight flexible, can be used in a high temperature steam sterilization, used in strict sterile environment, the health level of silicone hose connected to the 316 l stainless steel joint, I solved the series of pharmaceutical company's joint health hose retention area of this problem, the equipment can be
CIP cleaning, so installed 316 l stainless steel fittings pipe fittings do not need to remove after cleaning.

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