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SINHON-305 transparent silicone hose wire

Fabrics: There is no fabric layer
Wire: single 304 stainless steel wire, pitch 6mm
The inner wall: smooth transparent
The outer wall: smooth transparent
Standard length: 6 m / pack 6 meters can be customized
US FDA standard.
Temperature: -40 ° C ~ 220 ° C
Scope: ordinary pressure transmission fluid, such as...

SINHON-305 transparent silicone hose wire

Transparent wire silicone hose platinum cured silicone imported as raw materials, production and use of international technology, good stability, not hydrolysis, will not produce any pollution to drug delivery. Pressure resistance, wear, do not decompose any odor and taste; smooth inner wall of the non-stick water; tube transparent and clear, you can see inside the material flow, a high temperature sterilization and autoclaving, the medical silicone tube suitable for biopharmaceutical experiment room, the medical industry.

     The hose lined with stainless steel wire reinforced inner and outer walls are completely smooth, so that the material in the steel tube flow smoothly, but also makes the food grade hose cleaning and disinfection easier.

Pharmaceutical silicone hose has a smooth white core health, inhibit bacteria and particulate build-up, in line with FDA standards, can be used for food contact surfaces; special structure is particularly suitable for the suction and discharge applications with steel wire reinforcing layer can withstand full vacuum; wear-resistant surface , oil and fat applies to many non-alcoholic beverages, such as drinking water, fruit juices, milk and milk by-products industries such as transport suction tube.
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