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SINHON-617 PU transparent hose

Material: polyether type polyurethane;
Inner wall: transparent and smooth;
External wall: transparent and smooth (color can be customized according to customer requirements);
Length: 100 m / bag (length can be customized according to customer requirements)
Type: polyester type TPU hose, polyether type TPU hose, low cost TPU ...

SINHON-617 PU transparent hose

Application: Suitable for liquid feed industry, agriculture, food, medicine, civil engineering, fisheries, aquaculture, garden irrigation and other areas of general working pressure. Such as: pneumatic tubes, hoses, garden hose, oil and water pipelines, oil exploration tube, blasting tubes, peristaltic pump hoses.

Features: Made of TPU material has a tensile hose production, Zhang Liqiang, high tear strength, abrasion resistance, flex resistance, penetration resistance, low temperature performance, hydrolysis, etc., and has good resilience and long lasting. This product does not contain plasticizers, non-toxic and tasteless, it is a high-performance environment-friendly hose. Is PVC, rubber hoses best alternative.

Type: Polyester TPU hose, polyether TPU hose, low-cost TPU hose

Transmission medium: chemical liquid, abrasive, food and beverage, oil, water, gas;

Suitable temperature: -35 ℃ -90 ℃

Hardness: 70A-98A
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