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Health pharmacy hose, Hsin-hung pipe industry production to meet the EU's sanitary hose pharmaceutical SGS, the US FDA food grade standards and authoritative third-party certification, for many years and Xinhua medical, Hayao, three gold pharmaceutical, Conn Tony pharmaceutical and food equipment pharmaceutical enterprises to obtain long-term friendly cooperation.
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Food hos
Food-grade hose, pu hose food grade can not only meet the national standard food grade standards also contain plasticizers meet the eighteen indicators in the field of edible oil seasoning become grain, Lee Kum Kee, taste things up qualified suppliers, milk Yili Dairy products in the field and, Beingmate, etc. for many years, the field of wine and lose Taibai winery, HSBC Valley liquor and other supporting for many years.
Industries Transportation series of programs
Wear conveying hose, pu hose wear conveying high wear resistance, hydrolysis resistance of polyurethane raw material production mold, the engraving machine, furniture, wood sawdust suction hose plant-specific material, is also cutting grass car, street sweeper and pipelines cement standard

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