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SINCERITYStrength to win trust, professional casting brand!
Strength to win trust, professional casting brand!- xin hong pipe, tube is committed to become the food hygiene industry leader!We trusted!
01Instead of the inlet hose
Selection of imported production equipment, all imported raw materials, coupled with advanced production technology, quality comparable with imported silica gel tube,
Our hose can meet the needs of customers, it is the best choice to replace imported silica gel tube!
02Unable to refuse sexual parity
Xinhong All technical staff are senior technical engineer with more than five years of experience. Therefore, we have good quality
Than other manufacturers have an advantage, truly the same quality, best price; the same price, best quality!
Xin hong is equipped with a complete experimental testing equipment, and to establish a professional inspection system: each batch of raw materials for a variety of testing equipment. And through the quality management system certification, the eu environmental protection certification, SGS certification, powerful guarantee we manufacture hose highly reliable.
04High efficiency and timely delivery
Xin Hong spare hoses Common specifications are available from stock, and to provide OEM processing, professional experience and production capacity
Providing customers with high-end custom services to ensure customer delivery, to achieve high efficiency and high quality.
05Processing supporting integration services
Many customers encountered such trouble, can not be used directly after purchase hose, need to purchase matching accessories, look for plants withhold, or can not find a suitable matching accessories,
So tedious process indeed to customers caused a great deal of distress. As a provider of specialized products and services, Hsin-hung pipe industry for different products, with its own rich product experience to provide a variety of materials, various types of connectors, etc. withhold
Processing s
Food-grade hose, pu hose food grade can not only meet the national standard food grade standards also contain plasticizers meet the eighteen indicators in the field of edible oil seasoning become grain, Lee Kum Kee, taste things up qualified suppliers, milk Yili Dairy products in the field and, Beingmate, etc. for many years, the field of wine and lose Taibai winery, HSBC Valley liquor and other supporting for many years.
Wear conveying hose, pu hose wear conveying high wear resistance, hydrolysis resistance of polyurethane raw material production mold, the engraving machine, furniture, wood sawdust suction hose plant-specific material, is also cutting grass car, street sweeper and pipelines cement standard
Consistently provide customers with the specified requirements or specifications completely in line with products and services, to maximize meet customer needs and expectations
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Shenzhen xin hong LTD co., LTDThe strength to win the trust and professional brand! Vincellar pipe industry,
Shenzhen xin hong LTD co., LTD. Is a collection development, production, sales and service as one integrated enterprise, the company registered capital of five million, the registered trademark is SINHON, companies rely on professional level and mature technology in the hose industry rapid rise, continuing to provide users with products is our constant pursuit, xin hong LTD has excellent management teamt...... Details
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